Yellow Vest Twitter Bots Pushing for Violent Revolt in America


Twitter bots are pushing for a violent Yellow Vest (aka Yellow Jacket) revolt in America–just as they did in France.

The Yellow Vests took to the streets of France in November 2018—to protest Macron’s climate change initiative, which included an increase in fuel taxes intended to decrease usage of fossil fuels.

The Yellow Vest movement attempts to sell itself as an “average Joe” protest—but it is not. It is a movement sometimes referred to as the “Capitalist Revolt”—and it is supported by Nationalist, alt-right leaders such as Marine Le Pen.

Let’s not forget that Le Pen is Putin’s buddy.

Shortly after the protests, the French government announced that they were investigating Russia’s possible role in using fake social media accounts to fuel the protests.

Yellow Vest Twitter Bots, American Style

Now, just like in France, a “Yellow Vest” revolt is being pushed on social media. For America.

And, they have even thrown Left-leaning bots into the mix.

Hmmm … opposite sides calling for the same violent protest of the same name? Sounds like something right out of the Russian playbook.

Social media platforms have proven unable (or unwilling) to stop the vitriol-filled propaganda machine, which may give government no choice but to intervene.

Until steps are taken to quell the cyber-attack, please help counter the propaganda. A couple of ways real users can do this:

  • Report and block the bots where you see them.
  • Counter calls for violent revolt by supporting peaceful protests.

There are destructive, real-world consequences in this cyber war being waged against us. And if we aren’t careful, a violent revolt will be next as American political disagreements are being fanned into raging infernos by nefarious actors, such as Russia.

For information on how to spot a bot, see our Bot Tutorial.

Written by Unhackthevote

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