Wisconsin Recount Summary — How to Know You’re Being Screwed


Really, a Wisconsin recount without verifying Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brown, or Racine? Those counties accounted for 870,000 votes in an election won by 23,000!

When the Republican vote count in large precincts swells out of proportion, there is a problem. When turnout is higher where there are more votes for the winning candidate, there is a problem. In Wisconsin the problem is huge.

Clearly there is something wrong here. A Wisconsin recount is a very good idea.

But instead of doing a proper hand count, let’s feed the ballots back through the same terrible machines.

Even the Wisconsin Elections Commission itself acknowledged the limited value of a computerized recount.

After certification of the vote there were different totals in 64% of all precincts. A minimum of 17,681 votes were changed.

In some precincts totals changed by more than 20%! In 646 out of 3500 precincts totals changed by more than 1%. Four times the margin for a recount.

Seals over the screws on the access panels were broken. They are there to prevent unauthorized access.

There were very high undervote rates — ballots with no vote for President. And one ward with more votes than voters. No one even noticed until the recount.

Final recommendations of the review:

Interviews with people helping with the recount told the same story. Something went very wrong.

Let’s start with the counties, including Milwaukee, that were never addressed. It was a sham from that point forward.

To machine count when the machines themselves are in question is ridiculous. This was for show. It was ineffective on purpose.

Despite all this, the recount uncovered enough errors to make us truly question the results in Wisconsin.

We are smarter now. We will not fall for that again.

Written by Unhackthevote

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