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Following is a list of National and State Democrat-affiliated organizations looking for volunteers and support for the 2020 election season.

National Democratic Groups

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)

Make calls to turn out voters, Register new voters, etc.

Fair Fight 2020

Stacey Abram’s new initiative. Fair Fight 2020 is building voter protection teams with Democratic state parties or local allies across the country to protect the right to vote. Join the network: Text “FAIR” to 70700

Mobilize America

Searchable-by-location Democrat volunteer opportunities for canvassing, phone banks, etc.

Postcards to Voters

Postcards to Voters are friendly, handwritten reminders from volunteers to targeted voters giving Democrats a winning edge in close, key races coast to coast. Contact email: Info@TonyTheDemocrat

State Democratic Groups

(Alphabetical by State)

Alabama Democrats – “Are you ready to help shape the campaign in your community?”

Alaska Democrats – Phone Banking, Canvassing, Front Desk, Poll Watching, Fundraising

Arizona Democratic Party – Precinct Committee Persons, Help Elect Democrats Up and Down Ballot

Arkansas Democratic Party

California Democratic Party – Campaign Training, Letters to the Editor

Colorado Democratic Party – Please expect our weekly Volunteer Opportunities Newsletter on Monday mornings.

Connecticut Democratic Party – Fundraising, Legislation Tracking and Advocacy, Research, Recruitment, Administrative Support, Social Media, News Clips, Community Outreach

Delaware Democratic Party (Website) – No Identifiable Volunteer Sign-up Available

District of Columbia Democratic Party – Internships, Host an Event, Join a Committee, Issues & Programming, Fundraising, Bylaws, Voter Outreach/Training/Education, Party Organization/Function, Voting Rights/Statehood, Communications, Kennedy-King Dinner, Hospitality, Blue Wave

Florida Dems – Phone Banks, Internships

Georgia Democrats (in-state volunteers) – Events

Georgia Democrats (out-of-state allies) – Get out the vote, phone bank

Hawaii Democratic Party (Website) – No Identifiable Volunteer Sign-up Available

Idaho Democratic Party – Phone Calls, Data Entry, Rapid Response Team, Door Knocking, Precinct Captain, County and Leg District Elected Position, Addressing Envelopes for Mailings

Illinois Democratic Party – Canvassing, Phone Calls, Registering Voters, Friends and Family Program

Illinois Democratic Party – 2020 DNC Convention in Milwaukee, WI

Indiana Democratic Party – Write Letters to the Editor, Phone Calls, Door-to-Door for Candidates, Host a House Party, Social Media, Data for Candidates, Ask Questions at Third House meetings

Iowa Democratic Party (Website) – No Identifiable Volunteer Sign-up Available

Kansas Democratic Party – We’re registering new voters, making phone calls, and knocking doors to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

Kentucky Democrats – Talk to Voters on the Doors, Talk to Voters on the Phone, Register Voters, Write a Letter to the Editor

Louisiana – “Volunteer Sign-up” is an email update sign-up.

Maine Democratic Party – Helping out in the office, knocking on doors, or joining your local democratic committee.

Maryland Democratic Party – Link is to “Host an Event”
Note: “Volunteer Sign-up” is an Events List (nowhere to sign-up).

Maryland Democratic Party – Write a Letter to the Editor

Massachusetts Democratic Party

Michigan Democrats – Together, we are moving Michigan forward, but we need you with us to go all the way. Are you in?

Minnesota (Website) – No Identifiable Volunteer Sign-up Available

Mississippi Democratic Party – Scroll down the page to find the Volunteer Sign-up Form

Missouri Democrats – Volunteer and work to elect Democrats

Montana Democrats – The Montana Democratic Party staff is always happy to put to work dedicated folks who want to help elect more Democrats in our state. If you’d like to volunteer at the Party, please call us at 406-442-9520.

Nebraska Democratic Party – Sign up to volunteer to get Democrats elected.

Nevada Democrats – Sign up to volunteer for the first in the West 2020 Caucus!

New Hampshire Democratic Party – Sign up to help elect Democrats.

New Jersey Democratic State Committee – Can you take some time to call your neighbors, knock on some doors, and educate your community about our candidates and the upcoming election?

New Mexico Democratic Party – Sign up to volunteer as we head into election season!

New York State Democratic Party – Note: The Volunteer Page wouldn’t load completely for us. Sign up and someone from our staff will contact you shortly with information and opportunities.

North Carolina Democratic Party – Sign up to volunteer to elect Democrats in 2019, 2020, and beyond.

North Dakota Democratic Party – Website not found; no redirect (https://demnpl.com/)

Ohio Democratic Party – The work it takes to elect more Democrats in the Buckeye State starts right here, right now. Sign up below and an organizer will be in touch with volunteer opportunities near you!

Oklahoma Democratic Party – Knock Doors, Phone Bank, Mailers, Register Voters, Community Events

Oregon Democratic Party – Canvassing, Phone Bank, Run for Office, Supporter housing to staff and volunteers, Translation Assistance, other professional skills, Assist with Transportation, Data Entry, weekly shift at DPO Headquarters in Portland (for phone calls and clerical tasks)

Pennsylvania Democrats – Knock on Doors, Phone Calls, Text Messages, Postcards, Attend Local Events, Support other Volunteers (data entry, etc.).

Rhode Island Democratic Party – Letters to the Editor, Social Media, Rides to the Polls, Phone Bank, Canvass, Help HQ on Election Day

South Carolina Democratic Party

South Dakota Democratic Party – Door-knocking, Phone Calls, Data Entry, Registering Voters, Staffing Events

Tennessee Democratic Party – Sign up here to be notified of opportunities to volunteer with the Tennessee Democratic Party. Whether you’ve knocked on thousands of doors or have never set foot in a Democratic Party office, we need you!

Texas Democratic Party – Text Messages, Emails, Knock Doors, Host an Event, Phone Calls, Social Media

Utah Democratic Party (Website) – No Identifiable Volunteer Sign-up Available

Vermont Democrats – Phone Calls, Canvassing, Data Entry, Get involved with your local Democratic Party, Rapid Response Team

Virginia Democrats – House Staffer, Phone Banking, Canvassing, Rapid Response via Social Media, Hosting Events, Voter Registration

Washington State Democrats – Canvassing, Calls, Knock Doors, Translators, Observe Elections, Tech skills, Food for hungry volunteers, Events, Mailings and Clerical, Photography

West Virginia Democrats – Phone Calls, Yard Sign Distribution, Office Work, Attending Events, Walking Parades

Wisconsin Democratic Party – Knock Doors, Phone Calls, Data Entry

Wyoming Democratic Party – Phone Calls, Knocking Doors, Fundraising

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