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@mikefarb1 Thank you! I’m going to pass this around to friends & family. And donate.

Haha. T to the Rump really needs to delete the app.

@mikefarb1 Thank you Mike!! You are awesome in this space! Grateful as I’ve used your guidance and found several bots. I d never have known w/o stumbling across your first post about bots. ❤️

Bot Tutorial! Good idea

Two years ago when I was new to Twitter, Mike answered questions and helped me learn to spot bots. He’s the real deal.

Useful info. Sad that end-users have to do this work. Cui bono, @jack?

I highly recommend downloading & reading this resource if you use twitter. EXCELLENT info. on how to spot bots on twitter.

Excellent resource

Truth. #Bots #Troll #bot #trumptrolls #GOPTraitors #POC #BlackLivesMatter #Resist #Resisters #VoteBlue #ResistTogether #AntiFascist #ResistersUnite #BlueTsunami #ResistFascism #BlueWave #VoteThemOut ##CROOKEDGOP #GOPComplicitTraitors #TrumpsBodyCount #hardsigninkpaperballots

Check this out! Please share, @IndivisibleMV @SReeske

If you find these documents helpful and our research important please consider helping us with a donation. We only are able to do this work with your help.

We have redesigned our website and are converting our research into published articles as fast as we can. With Twitter throttling our account we are investing our time in creating a comprehensive place to view all of our research. Please take a look and bookmark us.

We have just published our Bot Tutorial as a Downloadable PDF!

We also have Downloadable Clickable House and Senate Contact PDF’s. We built these from the ground up. A perfect time to grab these.

To Download these Go to

Please Retweet for all to see.

Thanks, Mike

Thanks alot !

Time to get our elected Representatives up to speed on Bots, plague of the Internet. Maybe an actual legitimate hearing on #ResponsibleSocialMedia #CountryBeforeParty #SocialMediaPlatform @TheDemocrats @GOP

@aalamo25 @mikefarb1 Mike you are the best, thank you!

@charliefrantz54 @mikefarb1 I second that.

Must see and download

Please RT!

Awesome! Hey guys, great tools here 👇🏼 and if you are not already, please follow Mike! #TheResistance

@twhlvrldy @cornish1969 Follow @mikefarb1 - he has extensive information and articles about how to spot a bot & some of the dangers associated with bot followers.

Also he has ALL the data on the election fraud. How our machines were corrupted and poll problems.

Definitely worth a look and a share.

Great resources for the twitteractivist!

@mikefarb1 Thanks, @mikefarb1 for all you do.

And what are they going to profit on in the run up to 2020?

Twitter is running paid ads from China's state news agency criticising the Hong Kong protests

If you appreciate #MikeFarb and #PDFbotsContactRepsInfo and his work DONATE 👇👇🏼👇🏿👇🏾👇🏽

Excellent material here.

@mikefarb1 Thank you for all you do. I have been following you since summer of 2016. Nobody believed me when I reported your findings that summer. Now they do. Was finally able to donate and will continue to do so. Your work is truly important! 🙌🏼💪🏼

Download democracy of truth on media and how to reclaim the narrative and empower more people! Ty @mikefarb1

Holy goddesses look here! #safeTwitterekectionStuffToShare THANK YOU ALL WHO CONTRIBUTED!

Thank you

@mikefarb1 Mike you are my hero! Sincere thanks for all you do!

Should be taught in all public schools. This is our new reality.

@mikefarb1 Thank you, Mike, this is fantastic step by step, easy to digest tutorial on "How to spot a bot."

🚨 - Check out this "Unhack-the-Vote" tutorial & download, it is a great resource.👇

Excellent info to use!!

Fantastic! One stop shopping for contact info. TY.
Save this in your Bookmarks.


Use this

Please use this people

We can make the difference

How to recognize BOTS in a few easy steps ===>

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