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It ain’t over.

Since sports are not back yet a solid watch watch is Trump Wrestling with his new reality.

I love Thursdays.

This is really big. No it won’t get Trump out of office. That is our job in November. What it will do is significantly increase the chances of Trump paying the price for his lifetime of corruption. It will also be the final stamp on the GOP that protected him.

You Mr. Farb are PRICELESS!!!

Before Trump I never needed to use my phone to tell me what day of the week it is.

1. Always.
2. I can’t f%#^ing wait.

Pretty easy. I can do that.

Seriously. It really is that easy.

Very fortunate.

Trump suffers from his vanity
We suffer from his insanity
But nothing is worse
Than the terrible curse
Of suffering through Sean Hannity

This is important. Whe Twitter takes down a bad account they leave the network that follows them in place. These networks do not only amplify the account taken down. They work with many others. They get accolades for doing the bare minimum. It doesn’t fix the problem.

Every time I see your little pic in my feed I know that nonsense and idiocy will be what follows. Props for consistency. You never fail to not disappoint.

If a private citizen was responsible for this many deaths they would never see the light of day. DeSantis is a murderer.

Spot on. #RidenWithBiden2020

This is beautifully accurate.

How lucky are we that the Two Easiest Things in the world to do will change our world forever.

1. Wear a Mask

2. Vote for Biden

Nothing debatable about either.

@mikefarb1 Love this. So simple. So true.



⬅️ THIS #berniebro is voting for @JoeBiden #Election2020

Hey Low Q. WHEN Joe Biden is President our taxes will actually do something other than serve to grift and enrich a bunch of your daddy’s sc*mbag friends. He also won’t share intel with Russia, or let our Children or Soldiers be slaughtered.

Absolutely, positively so easy!

Great observation, Mike!!!

@mikefarb1 @fred_guttenberg I couldn't have said it better myself!


It's that simple

100% agree.

How lucky are we that the Two Easiest Things in the world to do will change our world forever.

1. Wear a Mask

2. Vote for Biden

All we have is our belief in the truth. With that belief we know we will win.


Awesome Fred. Looking forward.

@mikefarb1 I keep saying this... have retweeted... have sent tweets to Morning Joe... this needs to stay in the media until it sinks into people’s head that Trump is okay with Russia killing American soldiers.

Nothing good has ever come after the words “Trump Says.”

The only Back To School that I Support.

So that’s what happened to her knees.

Kanye’s New Album. I’m Just Gonna F*ck Off Now.

Well if my feed is typical Paste is the New Yogurt.

The old saying. “As Russia Goes So Goes Florida,Arizona and Texas.

You will not let sh*t. Times up for you. Go back to selling chickens.

50 Shades of Dipsh*t.

Hi I’m a Vapid F*cknuckle who feels so entitled to even think posting this is a good idea.

Maybe it is time to withhold our money from Trump.

Thank god he doesn’t read his briefings. He is a traitor.

Manafort(Russia) sure picked the right guy.

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