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@KottiPillar @thewrightkansan @nadinevdVelde @mikefarb1 @latimes @Marmel @ezraklein @JuddLegum @MarkWarner @ACLU Please support this effort, out current #Administration doesn’t feel at all alarmed we’ve been violated by #PutinsMinions

@thewrightkansan @nadinevdVelde @mikefarb1 If you haven't read the #unhackthevote team's findings on manipulation of voter registration databases in #Pennsylvania, prepare to be chilled to the bone.

That's just ONE state that was reviewed.

@latimes @Marmel @ezraklein @JuddLegum @MarkWarner @ACLU

Watch the moment Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tried to pass a bill guaranteeing military pay and death benefits during the gov’t shutdown — and GOP leader Mitch McConnell blocked it

Support these efforts please. Mike is making long strides and important statistical analysis that offers critical insights to tampering and illegal voter fraud. If you’ve got a legit situation, send it his way.

What Would be the Reason to Fight Such A Simple, Cost Effective Plan to Safeguard our Votes. Other than Relying on an Alternate Election Result.

How to Safeguard our Votes.

Paper Ballots
Counted Live at The Precincts
Counted in Front of the Public
Tallies Posted for All to See

No More
Machine Voting
Counting the Votes In the Dark
Tallying Votes in the Cloud.

And A True Policy of Hand Recounts.

Just donated to UnhacktheVote — doing such important work

. @mikefarb1 (unhack the vote) is killin.

@DenbrotS @mikefarb1 Thank you Mike. You are the bomb!

An Attacker Could Have Even Modified Ballot Building Files to Corrupt the Count!

Malicious Hackers Could Have Altered The Templates of the Memory Cards Used in Voting Machines to Skew the Results!!

Electronic Polling Books Could Have Been Altered in Georgia's Counties to Add Or Drop Voters or Scramble Their Data!!

58 Counties. 57 Clean Counties. The one that wasn’t happens to be the County that a major Trump player wins in.

Devin Nunes!! The same guy that was sharing Intel with Trump without sharing with the IC Committee.

And this is where everything changes. 58 counties and 22,621 precincts. All of them look great except one. And not just any one.

Fresno County!! What happened in Fresno County? Who won in Fresno County?


California a huge amount of data. 58 counties and 22,621 precincts. An entire state that looks good except…..


WOW! This is Asheville North Carolina!!

@mikefarb1 Every single county in every single swing state defied the laws of probability by consistently producing vote totals far beyond history and polling results, in favor of The Republican (Trump).

Lets Move On To Chicago. Hhmm More Straight Parrallel Lines.

For Comparison Lets Look At St. Clair County. This is Ugly. Lines Heading Straight at Each Other Until They Actually Cross!!

Another Coincidence?


Lets Start in Philadelphia. Perfectly Straight Lines That Run Parrallel

Lets Compare it to Neighboring Allegheny County. A Mess. Clinton Contunually Lost Large Voting Percentages as Precinct Size Grew.



And Now we have Trump going after Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis for Voter Fraud before the Election.

Why these areas?


They Weren’t Able to Hack Them.

They knew where to go in the Swing States to give a narrative to the totally unexpected results.

They knew exactly which Counties in Wisconsin to Recount and how to Recount Each County

They knew ahead of time how to shut down the Recounts when the numbers started to change.

We have reported on many instances where it seemed the Trump Campaign Did and Said Things That Now Indicates They Knew About The Election Hacking!


Was Trump Telling Us All That He Knew Where They Couldn’t Hack The Results!

How Did He Know?


So we get hand recounts in Virginia because they may get a GOP Candidate Elected and we got No Real Recount in any of the Three Key Swing States in a Presidential Election because a GOP Candidate Won!!

@mikefarb1 &Team #unhackthevote discovered& documented 250 Trump sub-domains sharing a server in Moscow w/Wikileaks.
Trump Org wants us to believe they first learned of the sub-domains thru Mike.
(They have yet to thank him, but you can.)

Add to that in Detroit the Heaviest Democratic Area in the Country they dropped in 87 Defective Scanners and threw out 75,000 Votes. Of that didn't happen Michigan Goes for Clinton. That leaves Very Few Votes that would have had to have stayed home to change the Results.

Russia used our Social Media to Target Tens Of Millions of Democrats in Key Areas with Fake News to keep them from Voting for Clinton. Removing Opposing Votes from an Election Alters the Results.


Please help us fund our work at

We are not done with this. We are using this piece as an introduction to some very disturbing findings. We are putting these threads together now. We have not received the correct answers about what happened.

On election day, they increased the monitoring to hourly! For the protection of the voters! So much security.

Haven’t they heard of Real Time Monitoring?

It Is Our Democracy at Stake Here!

On October 3, 2016, they went ahead and blocked foreign IPs from accessing their My Vote system. Then on October 7 they started monitoring Elections' systems, every 2 hours. Every Two Hours! Surely nothing could have happened between those moments of monitoring.

But then it goes on. Let's summarize. In August 2015 a multitude of critical vulnerabilities were identified. By Jan 2016 these vulnerablities, including SQL injection vulnerabilities were said to be patched. Gosh, I hope no one tried to get into the system before January 2016!

We obtained a memo dated September 26 from the Wisconsin Chief Information Officer to the Wisconsin Elections Commission. It stated that "the actors scanned internet-connected election infrastructure".

So DHS Didn’t Know Where The Wisconsin Voter Registration Database Was Hosted?

Hmm. Isn't it kind of easy to figure out which IP address is which?

Knowing That The States Are Autonomous and DHS Didn’t Notify Them Until September 26, 2017 How Did DHS Know That The Voter Registration Files Were Not Compromised?

Only The States Have Access and They Didn’t Know They Were Targeted!!


This is Important. We Need Real Answers.

States Being Targeted By Russia For up to 9 Months Before the Election and Through December After The Election.


Please help us fund our work at

Clinton Never had any of These Counties Where her Voting Percentage Increased as Precinct Size Grew! Never!

She Had The Opposite.

She Always Had Her Voting Percentage Crushed As Precinct Size Grew!

Every Single High DeltaM in Every Single County in Every Single Swing State Shows Very High Inconsistencies in the Votes for Trump as Precinct Size Grew!

The following Spreadsheet is all Counties in the Swing States with over 100 Precincts with a Minimum DeltaM is 5!!

Check Out The DeltaM’s on This Spreadsheet!!

For each county, deltaM looks at how far apart the lines are at the far right of the graph compared to the middle of the graph.

If the Republican share of the vote increased for larger precincts, deltaM is positive. If the Democratic share increased it is negative.

We are grateful to Dr. Laura Little of the University of Washington for helping us develop this metric.
Dr. Little a Leading Expert on Scientific Data Worked with Sail to create this Metric. We are very grateful for her help.

We have Developed a Metric to add to our Graphs. It shows how "clean" the voting patterns are. We call it "deltaM".

We have run the Data for Every Precinct and Every County in the Swing States.

One by One they Look Concerning

Cumulatively They are a Game Over Moment.


What Happened in The Swing States?

Why is the Data So Different Than the Rest Of the Country.

Why Our Cumulative Swing State Data is So Concerning!!

Why We Believe the Election Was Hacked!!


This is important! If you live in Pennsylvania and were either not allowed to Vote or given a Provisional Ballot in the 2016 Presidential Election please either dm me or email

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