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Please help @mikefarb1 + the team analyze more data for more states!

Every donation goes straight to more πŸ“ˆπŸ“ŠπŸ“‰


@mikefarb1 @RobynGillespi15 @PinkRavenRoth @MCJeffry @ProudResister Thanks. And thanks for all of the diligent work you do. You are one of the good guys and it's a shame that the cult of #TeamPillowFort keeps many from seeing that.

@chuckschumer @NancyPelosi @KamalaHarris @AdamSchiffCA
This ThreadπŸ‘‡ important
States being targeted/voting machines are being attacked

@AlexMohajer @funder @HillaryClinton @amJoy @MotherJones @realDonaldTrump If u follow @mikefarb1, u may be surprised, to what he uncovered (purged votes, uncounted votes/ballots, broken voting πŸ—³ machines, voter suppression tactics, used in those key states, as well as other states).

TOTALLY worth watching!!!!

Keep up the good fight. Thank you for all you do. #unhackthevote

@Bewitched9 @funder @HillaryClinton If u follow @mikefarb1 to read what he uncovered, (uncounted ballots/votes, purged votes, broken voting machines) then, she may have really won!

@DenbrotS @Cruellaisdevine @BeSeriousUSA @debbiesideris @lori_alvord @ekcj1234 @MimiOtter @mystcole @CaptainsLog2017 @1IronMan2018 @jacksnowknows @NaphiSoc @ProudResister @RedTRaccoon @Mean_Adam @dawgfansteve64 @DemWrite @waltb31 @morethanmySLE @mikefarb1 @TheRickyDavila @RobinBrenizer @sarahTRUMPMORON @Tschudi_Davai @everybodyzzmama @DavidYankovich @CJPatruno @finnick_Resists @HumorlessKev @didikins4life @sumoh7 @Khanoisseur Mike, I'm so sorry. Not that it surprises me. I saw the bullying that went on. Which is why I blocked that whole bunch. You do so much for the #Resistance. I am glad you're a true patriot.

@OnlyWhiteTiger @funder @mikefarb1 @Mikefarb1 hasn't just been saying this, he's proven it. I'm statistics-savvy enough to recognize these numbers are highly suspicious unless falsified.

Please everyone watch this. This is Racine Wisconsin. This will rock your world. It happened!!

@DebraMessing @thehoodnz @POTUS @nytimes .@debramessing You could really help the cause by talking about and the work @mikefarb1 is doing. His analyses are sophisticated, reliable and very compelling.

Perfect Mike, inexcusable & outrageously unfathomable, but perfect.

#CallToAction 11/20 My #Resistance dog reminds us πŸ”΄orπŸ”΅ state it's your volume of ☎️☎️ to your Senators that will st…

@SandyHatesTrump @mikefarb1 @marklarflash @PalmerReport Donate unhackthevote

@mikefarb1 Get em, Mike. And I've donated to your work, truly, Thank you.

@marklarflash @PalmerReport If you haven’t seen enough proof, you haven’t been paying attention. Follow @mikefarb1, votes were changed. The election was hacked. tRUmps a traitor, what are you called if you support one?

Blue States Practice The Family Values that Red States Preach!!

When all said &done, @mikefarb1 will be1 of New American Heroes USSR Editionβ€”United States of Soviet Russia #unhackthevote utmost importance

Do you like charts and tables? You should check out @mikefarb1 at #unhackthevote! He's looking into how the US got hacked!

Thanks @mikefarb1

@Adam_Dream_ @mikefarb1 Yes, very thankful for @mikefarb1 !

#RT Proving It #unhackthevote = @mikefarb1

@thehill He did lose the election ! He stole it by manipulating the votes / see @mikefarb1 research for supporting data #BlueWave2018

We are not done with this. We are using this piece as an introduction to some very disturbing findings. We are putting these threads together now. We have not received the correct answers about what happened.

Please help us fund our work at

On September 27, DHS said the Wisconsin election system was NOT targeted, and in fact "the WI IP address affected belongs to the WI Department of Workforce Development".

On September 26, DHS informed election officials that Wisconsin of one of 21 states that were the target of Russian government hackers seeking access to the U.S. election infrastructure.

Knowing That The States Are Autonomous and DHS Didn’t Notify Them Until September 26, 2017 How Did DHS Know That The Voter Registration Files Were Not Compromised?

Only The States Have Access and They Didn’t Know They Were Targeted!!

DHS Assures Us That Registration Files Were Not Compromised.


This is Important. We Need Real Answers.

States Being Targeted By Russia For up to 9 Months Before the Election and Through December After The Election.


A good time to repost this video from 2003. Diebold. "It's all over but the counting. And we'll take care of the counting!"

@funder Exactly @mikefarb1 has been saying that our elections have been tampered and so have I. Scott remember the gop headquarters that burned down? Well they found voting ballots inside thousands! What were voting ballots doing at a gop headquarter?

@LeahDaughtry @HillaryClinton πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
No matter who U are, or vote
for, stop what you're doing, go
to & look
at what @mikefarb1 &
team uncovered.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

If you want to see more of the incredibly important work from @mikefarb1 + the team, visit the website and donate.

Think about how much we can accomplish if all of us chip in. Donations help us get the election forensics analysis done for another state!

@mikefarb1 Keep up the good work!

@mikefarb1 The work you are doing Mike is invaluable. Everyone needs to donate so we can all get to the bottom of this.#DemocracyDependsOnIt

@GeraldoRivera @HillaryClinton Check out REAL investigative work by @mikefarb1. Unhack the vote.

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