Supreme Court Says States Can Purge Voters Every Two Years


In an entirely partisan decision, the US Supreme Court ruled that Ohio–and all states–can purge voters if they haven’t voted in two years. Think about that. If you only vote in General Elections, you likely will be removed. This is a huge setback and contrary to the previous rules set out in the NVRA.

This Supreme Court decision means the states can purge voters from the active Voter Registration Files for not voting for a period of time. And it looks like a number of states are ready to do exactly that. According to NBC News, “At least a dozen other politically conservative states said they would adopt a similar practice if Ohio prevailed, as a way of keeping their voter registration lists accurate and up to date.”

The Details

Under this ruling, a state can reach out to you after two years of not casting a ballot. If you reply, you are okay for the next two years. If you don’t reply and don’t vote in the next two years, you are slated to be purged.

Here are the problems with that.

First, it relies on the state to keep accurate records of Voters Voting. Our research says this is a huge problem. Also remember that showing up to the polls doesn’t mean your vote counted or was marked as being placed. Most of the time, you simply wouldn’t know.

Second, the notification system states use are notoriously vague and poorly implemented. There is no way for you to prove that you weren’t notified. This is a disaster. All they must do is not notify people they want to purge. It is open hunting on Voter Rolls.

Fight the Voter Purge

All I can say is, now more than ever, there is no one looking out too protect our right to vote. It is on each of us, individually. Please check you voter registration regularly and leave plenty of time before an election to fix it.

You can check your voter registration on your state’s website.

Please stay on top of this not only for you but for your family members and friends.

Written by Unhackthevote

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