Pennsylvania. How The Hell Did Trump Win


Pennsylvania is not a state with a history of Democrats voting Republican. It Pennsylvania consistently votes Democratic. As a matter of fact, Pennsylvania had not voted for a Republican President in 28 Years! No Democrat has ever lost the Presidential election while winning both Philadelphia and Allegheny County. Until the 2016 Presidential Election.

Russia targeted social media to suppress the Democratic turnout. But Pennsylvania Democrats did NOT stay home. In the months between the primary and the election, a record 500,000 people registered to vote.

Democrats out-registered Republicans by 8.5% right up to the deadline of October 11th. There was no apathy here. Pennsylvania never saw registrations come in close to these numbers before.

How the vote broke down.

At the time of the election, Pennsylvania had:

  • Democratic Voters: 48.4%
  • Republican Voters: 37.8%
  • Other Voters: 13.8%

Let’s look at how they voted:

  • Democratic Voters: 2,938,435 = 47.3% of the Total Vote
  • Republican Voters: 2,564,801 = 41.3% of the Total Vote
  • Other Voters: 703,406 = 11.3% of the Total Vote

Clinton received the equivalent of every Democratic vote, minus 12,000. Trump received the equivalent of every Republican vote.

Problem is, that even with every Republican Vote — if he indeed got them — Trump was still short 373,464 votes! Plus the 44,000 that made up his “margin of victory”.

The “Other” Vote

Pennsylvania had a very small turnout for “Other” voters. Only 703,406 of those who voted were neither Democrats nor Republicans. Third-party candidates only received 269,534 votes, total.

So if Clinton got almost all of the votes from Democrats, we need to look at the Other voters.

In order for Trump to get the 373,464 he trailed Clinton by and win by another 44,000 votes, he would have needed to get 413,000 of the “Other” votes.

  • “Other” voters placed 703,406 votes.
  • Third party candidates received 269,534 votes.

Leaving 433,872 votes to split. 433,872 votes, and Trump somehow managed to get 413,000 of them!

Now, obviously, not every Democrat voted Democratic, and not every Republican voted Republican. It is just with such a small pool of “Other” voters in Pennsylvania these numbers appear odd.

We based this all around the scenario that Trump got all of the Republican votes. What 100,000 or 200,000 Republican voters did NOT vote for Trump? That’s only 2% or 3%.

How could Trump possibly have won a Democratic state like Pennsylvania in the 2016 election?

Written by Unhackthevote

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