Over 250 Trump Organization Sub-domains are in Communication with Computers in Russia


The Trump Organization, like most large organizations, has a lot of domains registered to it. Many of these domains have sub-domains—like reservations.trumphotels.com. This is a normal practice. But we found something highly unusual with the Trump Organization sub-domains.

They don’t have normal names. They have names like fghft.721fifth.com. It’s pretty much impossible for the normal user to stumble upon.

These sub-domains are not open for normal web traffic. When you browse to them there is nothing there. The fact that they exist means they can be used for communication, if you know how.

Trump Organization Sub-domains: A Route to Russia

Our team did a traceroute on these sub-domains. Checking where traffic on these networks goes. What we found was shocking.

All of these sub-domains follow the same route to Moscow, then take a trip to Siberia, and then finally arrive at a server in St. Petersburg.

And what about that location in Siberia? The coordinates point to the place where the earth was flattened by a meteor explosion in 1908.

Signs point to this server actually being close to the Kremlin in Moscow. Why are there STILL Trump-owned sub-domains that can communicate with computers in Russia?

Wikileaks too

Additionally, all of the Russian IP’s these domains are routing through are owned by Hostkey.ru, also known as Mir Telematiki LTD. Who else uses them? Stunningly, this IP Address goes to the same ISP and purported physical location as two IP addresses used by WikiLeaks.org!

Here are the details about the IP address that the Trump sub-domains pass through.

Wikileaks also routes through the supposed Siberian server, although certain signs point to it being very near the Kremlin, in Moscow.

Trump network traffic includes filenames in “leetspeak”, like n1cEG1rLSatTh1Sw33kEND988.html1.zip

Nice girls at this weekend 988?

What does this even mean? We have figured out a few of these codes, we think. Still unsure about a lot of them.

Should our website be taken down, a backup version of this article can be found here. (PDF)

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