Low Voter Turnout Will Sink Us


The 9th District of North Carolina has 540,000 registered voters. Yesterday, only about 185,000 voted in the special election! If there is one concern I have for our success in 2020, it’s numbers like this. Only 34% of registered voters cast a vote. We better get our act together. This won’t cut it. Low voter turnout will sink us.

Not everything everywhere is hacked.

Even where there is reason to be concerned, a large turnout can overcome it in most cases. That being said, if we are going to vote like NC09 did yesterday at 34%, we aren’t going to win anything.

The formula is easy. The path is clear. Vote in record numbers and we will win. We will win in places we hardly ever win. Don’t forget what we did in the Midterms.

Sink or Swim

Even then we can do better. If we want to really get it done it is all on us. We need to vote. We need everyone we know to vote. It isn’t complicated. It is easy. When we vote, we win. We have significantly narrowed the gap in heavy GOP areas.

We would have won tonight but we didn’t vote. The GOP or Russia or whatever can’t make up for the 30%-50% of us that don’t vote. Low voter turnout will sink us. It cost us 2016. It cost us NC09. And it will keep costing us until we fix it.

All we need to do is vote. If we don’t, then we should at least be honest with ourselves when we have nights like tonight. Let’s all make the promise that each of us is going to do more to make sure this doesn’t happen in 2020.

We must get everyone possible to the polls in 2020. All of us. Put in for the day off now. We have work to do.

Written by Mike Farb

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Author: Mike Farb