It is time. Well past time.

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It is time. Well past time. So, I’m going to say it because I have to say it.

I’m not an alarmist. I am a realist. And, right now (today), we:

  • Still have the Right to Assemble
  • Believe there will be an election in 2020
  • Believe Trump can’t serve more than two terms

As of the news of today, when you close your eyes at night, do you really still believe losing one or more of these is out of the question? Can’t happen?

We are waiting for a savior. But they aren’t coming. Mueller didn’t save us.

If the Senate keeps their word, impeachment won’t save us. Even if Trump is impeached, we have Pence and Barr. We are the last line; we are our Saviors. It’s time that we stop watching others try to do it.

It is Time to Step Out of the Void

We educate ourselves on Social Media, so we know what is up. We take advantage of the great content we get there. But, in my opinion, there is a downside.

Social Media becomes our therapist’s couch. It becomes a place where we meet and let off steam. However, I fear that in the end it has replaced public assembly. In the past, in order to vent, public demonstration was our outlet.

The GOP are smart. They troll us on Social Media non-stop, reveling in our responses. They know it keeps us occupied and they know that “getting the Libs” upset energizes their own base. And our responses merely fuel them.

While they troll us and we fight back into a void where they are not listening–we are on social media. We are always there, fighting. They know we are walled in and they are strip-mining our world.

It’s Well Past Time to Assemble

We need to be out there, in front of them and in numbers like we see in other countries. Not for a few days. We need to do whatever the hell we need to do to start getting a foot hold here.

We have control of 2/3 of the money. It’s time to start figuring out how to use that. We have the advantage of population and the youth. It’s time to get out from behind our computers and be seen and heard.

Engaging these monsters on Social Media is not going to do anything. For the most part, we are tweeting to all the same people while we just get angrier. Nothing will be won on Social Media. It is heavily weighted against us.

What we can use Social Media for (that does work) is organizing. I am imploring that all of us start demanding that the groups capable of putting together massive–and I mean massive–rallies start doing so.

I suggest that every dollar we spend is not a dollar going to a person or company that supports this regime. Yes, it is work. But it is also our future.

Are You Sure?

So, before you go, please go back to the top of the article and tell me: of the three things I listed, are you sure? Are you bet your life on it sure that they are guaranteed? That we have nothing to worry about?

The news of just today–one day–says different. At least to me.

Written by Mike Farb

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Author: Mike Farb