Illinois. Now this is Full-On Hacking.


On June 23, 2016, the State Board of Elections in Illinois was hacked!

Their database server processor spiked to 100 percent . Rapidly repeating database queries. SQL Injection. Targeting the paperless, online voter app. Attackers hit them 5 times per second!

IVRS passwords were compromised—including election authorities, staff, SBE users, vendors, and web services.

The FBI immediately started an Investigation coordinated with DHS.

It was determined that a number of individuals’ personal information was compromised. No idea on exact number of affected voters.

The attackers continued to hit Illinois’ election system at 5 times per second until August 12th. That is 5 times per second for 7 Weeks!

Why Illinois?

First of all, this was Illinois—not a state in contention during the 2016 elections. Solid Blue. So why were the attackers so aggressive there? They were doing something else.

We need to stop talking about voter rolls, which are readily available. Russia wasn’t hacking our States’ election sites for rolls. It was much worse than that.

Why did nobody put a stop to this election? The attackers had data that could easily be used for access, blackmail, and more.

There is something far more devious than hacking voting machines going on.

Why were we not informed?

Written by Unhackthevote

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