How Bad Has Twitter Follow-Back Resistance (FBR) Gotten?


I keep hearing that everyone vets their followers. But, if everyone was truly vetting, then how is there a MAGA Troll running FBR (Follow-Back Resistance) on Twitter?

Evidently, we don’t even vet the leaders of the FBR. What are we doing?

Let’s start here.

  • Handle: @FBRSquad
  • Name: g typa poop
  • Profile description: helpin other people gain!
  • Profile:

The early tweets show a gap between account creation and first tweet. The early tweets also show that the account is pro-Trump (MAGA).

Here’s a closer look at some of its MAGA tweets:

The account first mentions “resist” right after a pro-Trump Tweet.

The account also trolls the Resistance.

And here it posts its first follow-back tweet.

The account posts its 1st official FBR 9 days later – and repeatedly posts its “FIRST” FBR for multiple days. (NOTE – on the 21st he got over 1,000 retweets)

Over 1,000 Retweets!

Fast forward to February 2019. And he’s still running FBRs (sometimes multiple times a day).

And he openly admits he’s trying to follow as many people as possible.

And—he’s still trolling the Resistance.

FBR is not what used be; the landscape has changed. They are preying on our need for followers; thus, we are building an artificial number of very questionable followers. We are being used by those not on our side to infiltrate our accounts.

Nothing replaces an organic follower–someone interested in what you are doing; someone likely to amplify your work.

Not like this. We must be smarter.

Written by Unhackthevote

For tips on how to spot a bot, see our Bot Tutorial.

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Author: Unhackthevote