Georgia Judge Rules Against Paper Ballots in 2019


While acknowledging the gross insecurity in Georgia’s current election system, a Georgia judge recently ruled against securing the Elections in 2019 by refusing paper ballots in the short-term. Why? So that it doesn’t interfere with the State’s ability to put in the next round of insecure voting machines.

The day the judge’s decision was handed down, Georgia State Rep. Scott Holcomb tweeted:

Here’s a closer look at those headings.

If not Georgia, then Who?

This Georgia judge missed a glaring opportunity.

We can post about ridiculous results, back-doors in the software, memory cards being shuttled around, proprietary code that isn’t examinable, dangers of the Voter Registration System and Tally System all day long.

But the one thing that brings this whole House of Cards down is if a State like Georgia did the right thing and instituted paper and counted and reported it securely.

What will happen when the results look entirely different from anything they have seen in 20 years? The nationwide demand to step away from these machines would be many magnitudes greater than it is now.

One State. If just one of many of the states we question the most steps to the plate, it would tumble down. The biggest question is will they.

How high up is the current, insecure Election System being protected?

Written by Mike Farb

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Author: Mike Farb