From Russia with Love, Part II: Another 20 Million Russian Twitter Bots Exposed


We exposed 20 million Russian Twitter bots a week ago. Crickets from Twitter.

We demand that Twitter do its job. We demand a safe platform.

Midterms are here and you have done next-to-nothing. Last week we exposed up to 20 million RussianTwitter bots in just a few accounts—in accounts that anyone could see are almost entirely followed by bots. Yet, those accounts and their bot followers are still on Twitter.

There is no excuse for allowing this; there is no way they don’t see it.

They ignored 20 million Russian Twitter Bots. Will they ignore 40 million?

Following are 15 Russian Twitter accounts containing more than 20 million more bots—minus duplicates. That is an average of 1.33 million bots per account.

This account is nearly 98% fake. That’s just below 1.3 million bot followers.

Crazy_kutas has over 1 million fake followers. Only 11.7% of the account is estimated to be real.

Film_quotes__ seems so harmless, doesn’t it? Yet, over 80% of its followers are bots.

Just 10.4% of this account’s followers are real. Nearly 1 million bots.

Yes, even “verified” accounts are participating in this immense bot fest. This account has over 2.5 million bot followers.

Inc_evil has an interesting handle and more than 85% fake followers. Over 750,000.

Continuing the bottomless pit of Russian bots, this account has almost 1.3 million bot followers.

And here is an account with just over 1.65 million fake followers.

No, you didn’t misread this. Makozhevnikova has over 91% bot followers. 850,000 bots.

Another “verified” Russian account that is swarming with bots. Over 930,000 of them.

Palnom6 has over 1.5 million bot followers.

This unpleasantly named account has 72% bot followers.

Topcitat bottoms out with 747,000 bot followers.

This account is Ukranian. But an inordinate amount of its bot followers are Russian, which is why they are included here.

We end this list with Ivan Urgant’s account. Ivan has a stunning 4,125,078 bots following his “verified” account.

Why hasn’t Twitter at least taken down the bots from our first article—even though Twitter was informed?

There is no way they don’t see this. We must start holding Twitter accountable since they refuse to be responsible.

And we are far from done. It gets crazier from here.

Read Part I here.

For information on how to spot a bot, see our Bot Tutorial.

Written by Unhackthevote

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Author: Unhackthevote