Elsa Darner Twitter Troll-bots


The Elsa Darner Twitter troll-bots were posted and mass reported in June 2018. Even with all of the reports, every Elsa Darner account listed in the post is still active. And there are even more now.

Meet “Elsa Darner” and her many duplicates.

These accounts were all created from early to mid-2018 forward. They are formatted like model bots but, unlike model bots, these accounts are straight-up trolls. Note the vicious, propaganda-like language they use across the accounts.

Other common features across the accounts:
–Similar handles
–Like model bots—they use a few models across many accounts

The Elsa Darner models are used on fake accounts across many social media platforms. Here’s one example.

Twitter is reactive. They often won’t suspend nefarious accounts until the accounts have been reported. So, we did; and, yet, they are all still active?

Why aren’t Twitter’s algorithms able to identify and suspend such obvious and fake trolls? We have to wonder why they refuse to protect their platform and their users.

Here’s a list of the handles for the Elsa Darner Twitter troll-bots. They can be reported (again) where applicable for hate, violence, and targeted harassment.


Written by Unhackthevote

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Author: Unhackthevote