Did Russia Gain Access to All of Florida’s Voter Registrations?


What everyone is missing that really could be a game-changer is this.

More than two years after the 2016 Elections, we learned that Russia hacked multiple Florida counties.

Russia targets small counties because, in some cases, they don’t have the same level of security on their systems that the larger counties have.

But, the big question is:

Does access to a single county in Florida give Russia access to the whole state’s Voter Registration files?

The Data

Here is Washington County going back to 2004. This is a small, majority-GOP county. It votes consistently in every election. Given that it has been proven Russia wanted to see Trump elected in 2016—and that Washington County could be counted on to vote for Trump—it seems extremely unlikely that Russia hacked this county to get to the county alone.

What reason could Russia have to hack a county that was going to vote for its favored candidate in the first place? A strong possibility is that Russia hacked Washington County to gain access to the entire state–to hack all Florida Voter Registration files.

Russia didn’t want or need Washington County—but they did need access to the state’s entire Voter Registration Database. And the odds are good that they were able to do this by hacking Washington County.

Another Vulnerability: Tabulators

The other concern is: do tabulators connect at any time to the hacked servers? This is crucial. If Russia was in a position to reach the tabulators, it’s game over.

We have been publishing these upside-down county figures for quite some time. They don’t make much sense. Florida was a mess in 2016. Some of the worst data we saw. And it is now confirmed that Russia hacked Florida voting systems prior to the 2016 elections.

We need to get everyone to dive deep on this while it is in the news. We need people in high enough positions to ask these questions.

Written by Unhackthevote

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