Democracy Dies in the Dark


Tonight we learned that Stacey Abrams picked up another 5,000 votes in her race against the “Great Suppressor” Brian Kemp. A gain in votes that leaves her about 20,000 votes short of a recount. Let’s talk about a recount. Georgia uses the Diebold Touchscreen Voting Machine—a machine that has no paper trail and because of that there is no way to verify a single vote cast on it. Ever. Does this sound like democracy?

Let’s also discuss the fact that Since 2010 Brian Kemp has disenfranchised over 1.5 million voters. In addition the state closed 214 polling places mostly in minority neighborhoods. From 2013–2016 the state tossed out 35,000 Voter Registrations due to a policy called “Exact Match”.

Secretary of State Kemp removed 591,000 voters in 2017 from a race that is now within 20,000 of a recount. These numbers suggest that this race would have been over long ago and Abrams would have likely been the winner. We witnessed a candidate hacking his own election and nobody had the power to stop him. This isn’t what democracy is supposed to look like.

Wait a minute there was someone that could have done the right thing but didn’t. On September 18th Judge Amy Totenberg ruled that a switch to paper would create confusion and long lines and because of that the paperless machines will stay in place. Totenberg scolded state election officials who “had buried their heads in the sand” by failing to safeguard Georgia’s voting system.

It just doesn’t make any sense. Crazy, unverifiable results on an insecure system is better than a potential for long lines.

Let’s go back to where we started. Today Stacey Abrams picked up an additional 5,000 votes. The race is getting close to a recount. These things just don’t happen in Georgia. Never mind that Kemp resigned and there is an acting Secretary of State in his place. This is Georgia after all. Tonight, after Abram’s gains of the day, the acting Secretary of State said that no future results would be announced until all the votes were counted. Voting machines that have no paper, votes counted in the dark when the numbers are getting too close for comfort.

Democracy. It dies in the dark.

Written by Mike Farb

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Author: Mike Farb