Bot Creators and Their Fake Doctors


Bot creators must get their product into real accounts, so they try to individualize accounts for maximum effect. I imagine this is an annoyance when they are creating hundreds of accounts simultaneously (i.e., a bot group). Sometimes, with the lower-level fakes, the bot creators fail miserably.

On the other hand, the bot creators managed to develop a system over the years that does a decent job of individualizing many of their collective fakes. As a result, real users encounter fake accounts that appear to be from all walks of life. Young and old, women and men, different languages, many races and ethnicities, a myriad of religions, and countless hobbies and occupations.

Of the various occupations assumed by the fake accounts, the medical occupations are among the most popular.

There are fake nurses.

Fake doctors.

And bot creators seem to like fake surgeons, in particular.

And, like the model bots, some of these fake accounts use the same “model” across many accounts. A doctor model.

Some of these accounts are shells with no activity yet. Some appear to be scammer accounts. And, of course, some tweet political rhetoric.

Bot Creators Deal in Deception

While participating in social media, keep in mind that the bot creators are real people creating and running the fake accounts. And they are intent on deceiving you. They want you to trust that the accounts are real individuals. Only then can they manipulate how you think and, potentially, act. To many people, medical professionals convey a sense of safety and experience. In the real world, that might be an understandable assessment. But that is not the case on social media platforms.

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Author: Virginia Murr