Trump Tweets and Retweets Suspect Accounts

Unfettered by Twitter’s rules, Trump’s tweets and retweets of suspect accounts have allowed him to amplify his personal and political attacks for years.

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Hong Kong Protest

It is time. Well past time.

It is time. Well past time. We need to stop using Social Media to vent and, instead, use Social Media to start organizing massive rallies.

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A Review of Popular Bot Checkers

Which bot checkers are better? Are they worth using at all? We reviewed several bot checkers commonly used by Twitter users–by testing them.

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Debunking the Artem Klyushin Mystique

Artem Klyushin has claimed to be giving Russian directives to Trump by tweet. So, we took a closer look at Klyushin’s claims.

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Russian-English Twitter Bots

The Russian-English Twitter Bot Network

We previously reported on a Twitter account housing over 60,000 Russian-English bots. Since Twitter hasn’t suspended the account, we’ve tracked its network.

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