16 Million Purged Voters


States removed almost 16 million voters from the rolls in just two years (2014-2016). 16 million purged voters. We don’t have a bigger problem than this!

The significance of 16 million voters

Using 2018 voter registration numbers, these are the current, total registered voter counts by state. These 15 states plus the District of Columbia add up to just a little over 16 million voters.

Alaska 541,821
Arkansas 1,751,466
Delaware 692,381
Idaho 815,487
Kansas 1,817,927
Maine 1,030,189
Nebraska 1,199,474
Nevada 1,461,833
New Hampshire 960,935
New Mexico 1,239,252
Rhode Island 700,071
S. Dakota 532,618
Utah 1,316,158
W. Virginia 1,231,798
Wyoming 263,337
DC 481,043

In summary: there are just over 16 million voters in all of these states. That’s the number of voters purged from 2014-2016.

Looking at it another way

Sixteen million voters purged divided by the 50 states would give us an average of 320,000 voters purged per state. 320,000 voters purged per state and Trump is in office by winning three states by a total of just 77,000 votes.

Of course, we all want hand-marked paper ballots. But, if 16-20 million voters are purged, they will never get the opportunity to use paper. These numbers are so large that it would be the battle of our life just to register enough voters to even out these numbers.

Voters Purged is another kind of Hacking

This is front-side hacking. And, yes, I consider this a hacking of our elections. Purges, gerrymandering, Voter ID Laws, and Russia hacking into our Voter Registration Files. All of this can effectively win them an election before a single ballot has been cast. It’s election death by a thousand cuts.

We need hand-marked paper. We need to dump the machines and vendors and safeguard the tally system. But first and foremost, we need to be allowed to vote.

This country was founded because our forefathers fought against taxation without representation. Our vote is our single opportunity to have a voice. When they take our vote and they pick their voters. When they effectively steal their office and they pass laws that hurt us. We are back to exactly where it all started. Taxation without representation.

There is a lack of dialogue around voting rights and fixing the system. This is the same system that put Trump in office; the same system that is still wide open to attack. The silence is deafening.

I don’t want to hear campaign promises about what could be. I like these candidates, but I understand one thing. If we don’t put every resource possible to expose this failed system and put safeguards in our election system, nothing else will matter.

I think it is very dangerous to believe that because we did it in the midterms, we can do it in 2020. Why bet everything on that?

I wouldn’t.

Written by Mike Farb

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Author: Mike Farb